【Reservation OK ★ Drinking party】 2nd plan 1000 yen (2500 yen with all you can drink)

1000 yen

3 people ~! Biore plain with Italian tapas and frit's share plate with everyone enjoyable! Recommended for second case!

~ Platter of Italian tapas and frit plating plate ~
EX: Seasonal vegetable grill marinade
Homemade Tea Pig Putty
Marinated lemon of Tasmanian salmon and orange flavor
Broccoli garlic and anchovy flavor
Ginseng Lappe
Pumpkin's cinnamon flavor
Crisp Hokkeoku Fried
Zeppolini with green laver
Arancini of lizard cheese
Parma ham
Several salami from Italy

<Additional options>
★ + 500 yen added pasta cooking to party plan
★ + 300 yen added petit dolce in the party plan ★
★ + 1500 yen with regular drinks at any price
★ + 2000 yen with premium all you can drink