• [3 people - reservations ★ lunch party plan]

    • <For a mama party or lunch party> Lunch party plan

      1800 yen

      Lunch limited plan with healthy vegetable pass & salad and real Naples pizza, pasta, dolce, cafe.It is also recommended for business use and mama association with children !! For details on the course page.

  • [Weekday (Mon-Fri)]

    • Pasta lunch (salad bar)

      980 yen

      Salad bar, your favorite pasta, homemade focaccia

    • Pizza lunch (salad bar)

      980 yen

      Of the salad bar, your favorite pizza, homemade focaccia

    • Main lunch (salad bar)

      1280 yen

      Salad bar, today the main homemade focaccia

  • 【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays】

    • Pasta lunch / pizza lunch (salad bar)

      Each 1280 yen

      Of salad bar-like pasta or pizza, focaccia, drink

    • Main lunch (with salad bar)

      1480 yen

      · Salad Bar · Today's Main · Homemade Focaccia · Drinks